Oh my word! Sarah seems to be learning and developing on a daily basis at the moment....(now aged 2 years, 8 months) ....I took her to the playground last weekend and she headed off towards the gate, opened it, held out her arm and said "After you Mummy" How cute is that?
When I arrived to pick her up from Grandma and Grandad's today, she rushed over to the car and , whilst bouncing around excitedly, told me that she had made a picture for me, and "It is a present for you. I will put it on my wall. You will be happy Mummy!".
We sat together on the sofa and watched her favourite TV programme tonight......we each had a chocolate as a treat and straight away she said "Oh, thank you Mummy!"
Her counting is utterly brilliant - she lined up the conkers she got from the garden earlier, touched each one and counted them perfectly - up to 12!
We went to wave at Daddy through the window earlier and when we were moving away from the window she asked "What are these Mummy?" "They're blinds" "Are they?" "Yes, they're not curtains are they?" "No"....and so on - we can really have a proper conversation now and her vocabulary is fantastic.

These are all just the tip of the iceberg and everyday she says or does something that touches me in a way I have never experienced before - I just feel so blessed to have such a healthy, bright, loving and beautiful daughter - she really does light up the room.

I never knew I was in to fairies and princesses and Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell and the little waving cat figurine that sits in the window of the Chinese herbal shop near the traffic lights until a few months ago - it's funny how you get sucked in to their world isn't it? It's ACE!