We have been waiting for some decent weather for a while now and wouldn't you know it?...............the nicest day of the year so far and we were booked in to tobogganing and 'snow play' at the Snowdome!! Sarah was confused, to say the least, when we got her to change in to her wellington boots in the car park before we went in.......blimey it was cold inside!! After a short wait, the boys went off to a tobogganing session and James, Sarah and I went in to the snow play session. Nothing too outrageous - sledges, inflated rings, a few small slopes and lots of snow! Unfortunately, Sarah was not overly impressed with her treat as she cried when she went down the slope and didn't seem too keen when James dragged her around on the sledge. She was unsteady on her feet and it appeared that she had lost the confidence that she had gained only a couple of months ago when we had quite alot of snow. 
I was marooned and couldn't move very much at all....so there seemed nothing for it but to jump on the sledge myself....legs pretty secure and holding on for dear life (oh dear!), James pulled me up and down the length of the play area. Then he started to get a move on (or so it felt) and it felt wonderful! I simply cannot remember the last time I was on a sledge and the unevenness of the snow made movement unpredictable. Add in loss of control and it was quite exhilarating! It was SO nice to be out of my wheelchair. Sarah then sat on my lap and we did a few laps together which was lovely.
Towards the end of the session, James took me for one last 'tug' and pulled me towards the slope in the middle of the area.....it was too steep and I slowly fell off backwards, landing on my bum in the snow - it was fantastic and I felt so normal for a few minutes....we laughed and threw snow at each other before James helped me back in to my chair. 
I think that 'one' forgets what it's like to feel free of the wheelchair as it rarely happens (always within reach) and I didn't think for one minute that I would experience that today. 
Thank you James for the idea and getting it booked....and apologies to Sarah as it was meant as a treat for her and I think I stole a bit of pleasure for myself.