Sarah                                       Mia                            Jack

Sarah had her first tea party with friends of her own recently - it was bank holiday weekend and some friends of ours came over for the afternoon. They have two children - Mia is 5 and Jack is 3.
I think I was the most excited! - I made chocolate crispies and bought cocktail sausages.......stoppped myself from doing cheese and pineapple on sticks!!
I got Sarah up from her afternoon sleep and she came downstairs to find 2 children (that she probably didn't remember) playing with her toys which were all strewn around the kitchen and conservatory. Sarah is not really used to sharing her toys and she looked a little shocked! However, I explained to her that Mia and Jack were her friends and that I'd said it was OK for them to play with her toys while she was having a sleep. She seemed to understand and was so cool about it - the only thing she wasn't prepared to share during the afternoon was her 'Ellie' - a little elephant she has had from birth and who is notorious within our family circle and at nursery too!
They all played so nicely togehter and sarah and Mia brushed each other's hair outside on the decking.....very sweet.

At tea time, the three of them sat around Sarah's little table and helped themselves to sandwiches, crisps, sausages and, of course, the chocolate really gave me a glimpse of us inviting Sarah's friends round for tea in the future.
We then all sat in the lounge and the children clambered up on to the laps of James and Scott while they watched 'Nimbo' (finding Nemo).

Good girl Sarah for sharing your toys so nicely and playing with your friends - Mummy looks forward to making chocolate crispies again!!!! xx