The Back Up Trust are running a campaign for Spinal Injuries Awareness Day on 16th May.

The campaign is called Join the Dots and will look at the importance of wheelchair skills and how it enables people to get around their environment at home. A series of videos will be released throughout the day looking at wheelchair skills and how they enable people to use public transport and “join the dots” (on the tube map) around their city.

Please view the link on their webpage . There is also a competition for people to enter a video of their wheelchair skills in order to win a brand new digital camera.

They're also doing a Thunderclap, so if you could sign up to that at before the day that would give them the boost they need.

The Join the Dots campaign aims to raise awareness on 16th May but Back Up are also going to keep this going after the awareness day and it will be the future theme of wheelchair skills as they start to teach wheelchair skills in the community and also organise the first ‘jail break’ fundraiser where teams attempt to navigate Europe without spending any money. It’s a very exciting campaign with so much potential!

Please support this fantastic charity and their exciting campaign!

Thank you! Ali