It was a rare occasion this morning that I took Sarah to pre-school as James has a day off work. (Normally, he takes her in the morning and I collect her in the evening). I went in to take Sarah a cup of tea and she said "What are you doing Mummy?" I said I'd brought her a cup of tea and she clambered out of bed and on to my lap....."I'm having a game Mummy...that I lost my home and someone had to help me find it".......I asked her how her toe was (as she stubbed it yesterday) and, after a coming up for air from her cup of tea, she replied "F for Fine!" with a grin on her face. "Oh, that's good" I said and she said "D for dog, D for Diamond, D for Daddy!" (I could tell that she had been awake for some time!!).
"Are YOU taking me to pre-school today Mummy?" "Yes, darling, is that OK?" "But you can't Mummy because there is a step...there are two steps Mummy" (she has her breakfast in a different room to the pre-school room that I collect her from in the evenings, but you can get to it two different ways, one of which has level access). "It's OK honey, there is another way".
How sweet that she should even consider that, never mind at that time in the morning!
We got her dressed and ready to go and on the journey, out of the blue she said very earnestly "Mummy? I think I have stopped talking about willies now" "Oh, have you, what on earth made you think of that?" "I don't know, I just think I have stopped now Mummy".
This is pricelees! She has, of course, gone through the whole 'You've got boobies and Daddy's got a willy' thing and I did mention to James the other day that she had mentioned willies quite a few times of late but we haven't made a big deal of it to Sarah so this 'development' came as a surprise!
When we arrived at pre-school and I parked in a different car park to where James normally parks, Sarah said "Oh, I remember this way, you're right Mummy, there is no step!" and sure enough, I was able to drop her off fine.

It's 16 years ago today that I had my accident and I have all that I could ever hope for. You are the icing on the cake Sarah and I feel very lucky and privileged to be your Mummy xx