Today I had a fab day with my daughter - I took her to London on the train on my own...........may not sound unusual to most mums but I use a wheelchair and it was not that long ago that I went to London on the train on my own for the first time since my accident 14 years ago. It requires relying on assistance to get on and off the train (which sometimes does not go to plan). Taking Sarah with me requires me to take her safety into consideration too and to believe that she will not wander off down the carriage beyond my reach etc.

I am pleased to say that it was a great day! Sarah was, as usual, an absolute star and we went on the train, a bus and in a taxi. Sarah (aged 2.5yrs) had to get off all of these on her own and wait for me to be helped and she waited exactly where she was asked to. We met up with my sister and her little boy and spent a considerable amount of time walking in and around London and she never strayed off or behaved in a way that endangered her safety.

To finish a perfect day, we were invited to travel 1st Class on the way home and were treated to drinks and a meal courtesy of Virgin Trains!

Thanks Sarah for letting me trust you and demonstrating that you can, indeed, be trusted at such a young age. I'm proud of you x