Well, I was caught off-guard last night.... it was sarah's bed time and we went through the usual routine; undress, sit on toilet (Sarah, not me!), collect towels and get in the bath. As I was running the water, waiting for it to reach the correct temperature, Sarah played with 'turtle' and 'boat' - nothing unusual there. We then got on with the shower - me sitting next to the bath holding the shower head to wash Sarah who wanted to 'stam up'. We both had a squirt of soap and washed Sarah's hair, tummy, legs, back etc. "Toes too Mummy!"....I then rinsed Sarah's hair and body and said "There! All done".
"Thank you Mummy, 'my' hold it now please". So I handed her the shower head and she turned it to face her and lifted her head so that the warm water trickled from her neck, down her tummy and she said "Arrh, that's nice. I love you Mummy".
"I love you too Sarah" I then took a long hard look at her standing there with long wet hair and a perfect little body and I had one of those moments when it hit me - she's my daughter, look at her; she's so perfect and lovely and she's my little girl. It brought tears to my eyes which rolled down my face as I sat there smiling at her.

Sarah really is awesome and the experiences of motherhood are like nothing else in life - often it is the little things which fill me with joy. For example, I love putting her little shoes on and when it's time to get her up after her afternoon sleep, I often get 'butterflies' as I'm going up in the lift to see her. We still have the baby listener connected up and often the first sounds we hear of Sarah in the morning are of her singing - what a perfect start to the day!!!!

Happy days indeed x