Gosh, it's March tomorrow and I can't believe where the time is going.....Sarah is now 3 years old and still is still the lovliest little person in the world. I know that all parents say that but she really IS!!!!
Sarah really got into Christmas this year and tried to understand the concepts of the Christmas tree/Father Christmas coming down the chimney/advent etc etc. I don't think it will be long before she works out that it would be impossible for Father Christmas to come down the chimney...she considers things too much and isn't afraid to question us if she doesn't understand. She loved opening her presents and shrieked with joy when she unwrapped her Snow White dress! On it went over the top of her PJ's!! Another great hit was a princess castle (doll-house style) and a set of miniature princesses to go with it.
She really got into the idea of receiving gifts but was, as usual, great when they stopped coming.....makes me wonder how much she understood it all and I really want to believe that we explained it well!
She wasn't impressed when we took all the decorations down but was OK as "We will have Christmas again and have a christmas tree and Santa will bring more presents"!!

Sarah continues to be full of life and like a sponge absorbing all there is to learn. Very rarely do we have to explain things twice and her memory is outstanding. She has recently started going to ballet classes and thoroughly enjoys pretending to be a fairy flying around looking for butterflies and I treasure every moment watching her!!

You are truly flourishing Sarah and we are thoroughly enjoying watching you xx