Parents in Wheelchairs

The intention of this website is not to focus too much on my disability per se  but I realise that it has a huge bearing on the experiences I am sharing so thought I'd include a bit about my accident to put it all in to perspective.....

It was on Tuesday 30th January 1996 that, in a split second, my life changed dramatically. I was on holiday in Tenerife and there was a severe wind storm. There was a huge gust of wind and I turned round, to face away from the wind. I then got struck from directly behind by a falling tree and was pushed to the ground. My spine was severed in three places and as a result I am paralysed from the waist down. I spent a week at a hospital in Tenerife and then came back to England and spent a week at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham and 3 months at the Spinal Injuries Unit, Sheffield.  

The real rehabilitation started the day I got home and in some ways it continues even now.