Parents in Wheelchairs

Wow! I was a Mum and it was just incredible.... Sarah and I stayed overnight in hospital although we were given the option to return home the evening of the birth. During those 24 hours my confidence in handling and caring for Sarah grew and during the drive home (only 5 or 6 minutes) the world felt different!

Like most other parents I have since spoken to, the first night at home with Sarah was bizarre - we now had a tiny baby with us and we just sat and watched her!

James was off work for a couple of weeks and he took great care of us while at the same time, my confidence to look after Sarah independently grew and grew. His first day back at work left Sarah and I in the house on our own and I was a little nervous but it was absolutely fine.

Over the coming weeks, I had to consider a choice of a new car (hard, I know!) and I was eager to get one that meant I could take Sarah out independently........we pretty much came to the conclusion that this was not going to be possible and I was really disappointed. However, somehow, through determination, I found a way to manage and have since enjoyed endless trips out with Sarah and it has been utterly wonderful!