Parents in Wheelchairs

This has been an absolute 'life saver' for me. It means that I have been able to continue to take Sarah out in the car independently. I guess that I would have somehow found a way to manage with a regular car seat but this has made life much easier.

The whole seat swivels round so that the chair is facing the door, enabling easier access to lift baby in to the chair and secure the straps. You then twist it back to the forward position, locking it into place for safe travelling.

Just at the point when it was getting a little difficult for me to lift Sarah in to the seat, she started to show an interest in climbing.........with minimal assistance, she now gets into the chair herself and all I have to do is secure the straps and turn the chair!

Watch the following demonstration videos:

Confort Bebe Axis

Forward Facing Car Seat (suitable for 9mths to 4yrs)