Parents in Wheelchairs

So, like everyone else, one of the first things we had to consider was how we were going to transport our new bundle of joy around in the car. We went to visit the obvious stores that offer everything you can imagine for babies.

But our trips to the stores were a bit more complicated...not only did we want a car seat that was very safe for our baby, we also dared to dream that it might be possible that I would be able to get our baby in and out of my car, from my wheelchair and for us to fit everything we needed in the car.

James was quite quiet the day we asked a store employee for a demo in the car...she came over to the car and the once small-looking car seat in the expansive store now looked much bigger when she squeezed it on to the back seat. Yes, she was indeed able to reach over and secure the straps and the seat-belt...but this meant that she had to reach right in to the back seat to secure the seat belts etc.

I felt deflated - if she had struggled to a certain extent while standing on earth would I be able to manage it sitting down?

We both admitted that it was very unlikely that I would be able to take Sarah out and about independently. I was pretty gutted and envisioned long days in the house on my own with her and I wanted to be like other new Mums - taking their babies out into the world.

In the end, we settled for a Maxi-Cosi car seat as it attached to a pushchair base that could be folded up really small (so we could get all of us and our required equipment into the car).

With a bit of perseverance, I was delighted to be able to manage getting Sarah in and out of the car totally independently and to then be able to load my wheelchair in and out of the car.

This opened up our world and, although it required huge effort, gave us different options of where to go.

I know I said that this website is not designed to give advice but I'm going to make an exception and advise that if things seem impossible, do the best you can to get the equipment that gives you the best chance of it becoming possible...and then give it a try. Don't write it off straight away....

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